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Friends Forever 9/9/17

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So I'm reaching out of my comfort zone here and providing a little transparency into my life and  work. I love to read blogs and find out the back story, the inside scoop, why someone is doing what they're doing, what it is that makes them tick. I'm inspired by other's energies and interests in life, even if it doesn't interest me. Maybe it's something I would never do, but at the very least I can learn a little something new and live vicariously through others' experiences. 

I bet some of you, who know me, don't know that I'm pretty shy and introverted. I do prefer quiet to noise, intimate settings to large venues, staying home more than going out, observing more than talking, and the list goes on. That said, I have learned through the years to come out of my shell, just whatever you do, do not ask me to walk into a party alone, not gonna happen!

Enter my passion for photography and my camera. I love everything about it and could talk anyone's ear off about it! The whole process from the creative aspect of posing subjects in beautiful settings to staying up late post processing images. It brings me joy, and offers me an outlet to meet new people and capture incredibly meaningful moments in their lives. It's a win-win all around. 

This last session I had was pretty near and dear to my heart. The three girls in the pictures are my daughter and her two friends she has known her entire life. These three spent countless hours with each other when they were younger. They were together so often they were literally like sisters. To this day, despite the fact that they live 40 minutes a part, and don't see each other nearly enough, they still light up and squeal when they get together. I can only hope they will share this bond through adulthood. My hope is that these pictures capture the life long bond of friendship and they will always remain in each other's lives. 

Make a wish! 




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